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Today’s competitive team needs a technical, sport-specific kit that not only looks great for every game but helps make a difference when it matters.

Bringing your vision to life

Our kits are 100% customised. You can design your own or leave it to our experienced in-house design team to create a kit you’ll love. We deliver 100% on time, every time.

Plus, by using premium quality fabrics and the latest textile-manufacturing technologies, your kit is engineered to help give you a competitive advantage from the first minute to the last.


Popular Questions

Do you offer a ‘try before you buy’ service?

We can send specific sports samples or a sizing sample set to help you find the perfect fit for your team. In certain cases, we also provide full on-site fitting sessions for a tailored and precise fit. Reach out to us to request your sample or sizing set and ensure you make the right decision.

Is there a minimum order for kits?

For custom-designed items, the minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 10 pieces for the initial order, with the flexibility to order smaller quantities at an additional charge. However, for our teamwear ranges, there is no minimum order – one is enough to get started!

What if I already have a style that I want to continue with?

If you already have a specific design you want to continue with, that’s fantastic. Our creative team is adept at replicating any design you have in mind, ensuring that your preferred style is seamlessly translated into your new team kit.

How do I go about purchasing additional kit throughout the season?

Purchasing additional kit throughout the season is a straightforward process. You can reach out to our dedicated Support Team, who will assist you in placing additional orders, ensuring a smooth and convenient process for all your kit needs. For teamwear products from one of our ranges, the option of an online store allows members and supporters to make individual purchases that can be personalised with initials, names, or numbers.

How long are the lead times?

For custom-designed products, the lead time is 3 weeks from the sign-off of the order. For teamwear range products, the lead time is 5-7 days. In cases where products are needed for a specific date or event, we can explore opportunities for a faster turnaround to accommodate your requirements.

Are items suitable for Womens fit?

We offer a women’s specific fit on all custom-designed products. Sample sets can be sent to ensure correct sizes are selected, considering variations between brands. For our teamwear ranges, several specific items are available in women’s fit, while all other products are designed with a unisex sports fit.

What do you need to design our new kit?

At the point of creating design concepts, we will request all required logos in a high-resolution format such as PDF or Illustrator. In cases where these files are unavailable, we provide a redrawing service, which is subject to an additional charge.

Does having names and numbers on kit increase the price?

On custom design products we use the sublimation process, where the design is printed into the technical fabric, and all logos, names, and numbers are included. For teamwear products, pricing is dependent on the customisation of embroidery and print required.

Is there a discounted price if I order more of an item?

We provide a scaled discount based on order quantities. Additionally, there are further incentives for those who qualify as Technical Kit Partners

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Whether you use our 3D Kit Builder or in-house design team, we tailor your teamwear to truly reflect the quality, energy and identity of your squad.

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