What Supplies do you Need For a Sports First Aid Kit?

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What Supplies do you Need For a Sports First Aid Kit?

With sports back in full swing ready for the summer, now’s the best time to make sure you have all you need in the event of a sporting injury.

No matter what sport you play, its important to have well-stocked sports first aid bag. In the event of an injury, the sooner you can deliver the right treatment, the less likely there will be complications.

With the correct sports first aid kits to hand, you can treat players quickly and easily. Your players will be safer, and the game will go smoother.

Whilst some items are essentials regardless of the sport you play, other items are more specialised. Here, we’ll run through the basics, as well as a few extras for team or track sports.

Sports First Aid Kits

Create Sports First Aid Kits that are Match Fit

We often push ourselves when exercising, which makes having a foam roller to hand a useful way to deal with aching muscles. Alongside this, athletic tape is an essential for dealing with unforeseen sprains, as well as plasters for blisters. These are must haves for runners, but should also be on hand in other sports.

Paracetamol is good to have on hand for quick, instant relief from pain. For team sports especially, ibuprofen can help reduce swelling. Additionally, ice packs can soothe the pain of bruises and breaks as a result of an impact.

As well as bumps and knocks, it’s important to be prepared for cuts. Sterile wipes are a must have in any sports first aid bag. Paired with antiseptic cream, this can help prevent infection. Finally, don’t forget to have plenty of bandages and some blunt ended scissors to cut them and safety pins to secure them with.

For track sports, as well as the usual treatment for blisters and sprains, a triangular sling is good to have to support an injured arm. Also, be sure to keep hot and cold packs on hand. For sprains, use a cold pack. Save your heat packs for muscle aches.

STC Teamwear: Creating a Safe Return to Sport

Finally, if you’re playing out in the heat this summer, be sure to keep sunscreen and plenty of water to hand. Though it’s unlikely you’ll be keeping this in your sports first aid kit, they’ll make the return to summer sports that bit more comfortable.

With your sports first aid kits fully stocked, you’re fully set for a safe return to sports. Of course, after your first aid kit, the next most important thing is the kit. If you’re looking to invest in new kit for your team, let STC Teamwear bring your design to life. Give our site a browse to learn about the many kinds of sports kits we can create.

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