What Kit Do You Need to Complete a Triathlon?

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What Kit do You Need to Complete a Triathlon?

While the pandemic of the past year put a hold on many sporting events, fans will be happy to know that a number of sports are slowly making a comeback. One type of sporting event in particular that is making a comeback this year are triathlons. A quick search online will reveal plenty of triathlons ready for the summer season. However, there are still strict rules around COVID-19 that need to be followed. In addition, it is important to know what sort of kit you need to compete in such an event. Therefore, here is what you will need in order to complete triathlons.


COVID-19 Measures for Triathlons

While events are back on, health restrictions are still in effect. Event organisers will liaise with health professionals to create measures that will ensure the safety of all involved. Standard measures include:

  • Appropriate face coverings for all staff and volunteers.
  • Temperature checks for all athletes.
  • Well signposted hand washing facilities with hand sanitiser.
  • No handshakes or high fives.
  • Enforcement of social distancing measures.

These and any other measures will need to be discussed with health experts and put in place before a permit for the event can be granted.

Vital Gear for Triathlons

When competing in an event you will need the following gear:

  • Clothing for triathlons including appropriate running shoes. At STC Teamwear we can design tri tops and shorts that are perfect for your needs. Make sure your running shoes have speed laces and are worn in.
  • Bicycle, checked and pumped up before the race. Make sure you do a quick test ride of your bike before the event to avoid any unwelcome surprises.
  • Bike carrier for transport to the event. Make sure the carrier is ready and fitted to your vehicle on the day of the event.
  • Bike shoes and helmet for safety.
  • Wetsuit and swim goggles. Make sure the goggles are from a reliable brand. We recommend using a brand new pair if possible.
  • Sunglasses to protect your eyes from glare, bugs and flying debris. Keep your glasses inside your bike helmet so you remember to put them on before riding.
  • Water or sports drinks to keep up hydration.
  • Nutrition such as energy bars, bananas or gel shots.
  • Photo ID and COVID-19 related info such as questionnaires.
  • Ziplock bag for items such as your phone, travel directions, etc.
  • Transition bag or gym bag to keep extra clothing and items in.
  • Tyre changing equipment such as spare tubes or CO2 so you can keep going even if you need to fix a flat tyre.

Other supplies you can bring include towels, sunscreen, insect spray, extra clothes and any relevant medication.

STC Teamwear

Once you are ready to compete in an event, you should ask yourself: do I have the right kit on me? At STC Teamwear we can custom make a kit for a range of designs. We have over 27 colours to choose from plus we can add match numbers, player names and logos as well. To find out more or to design a kit yourself contact one of our talented designers today.

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Whether you use our 3D Kit Builder or in-house design team, we tailor your teamwear to truly reflect the quality, energy and identity of your squad.

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