Sporting Event: World Rugby Sevens

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Sporting Event: World Rugby Sevens

With all the uncertainty that COVID-19 has brought this past year, fans were happy to see the return of World Rugby Sevens for its 2021 series. The 2021 series will see a condensed schedule of five women’s and four men’s rounds. In addition they have discussed adding two more men’s rounds at later dates. The return of the Rugby Sevens is thanks to World Rugby working closely with a wide range of partners, organisations and unions.

Series 2021

The series kicked off on May 15th-16th with rounds taking place in Hong Kong, Dubai, Cape Town and Paris. World Rugby are also considering further events for London and Vancouver. Some teams may be unable to play due to travel restrictions, and everyone will need to observe strict health measures. Here are some key issues that World Rugby will be dealing with for the 2021 series.

Player and Fan Health

The main concern for all is the safety of everyone during World Rugby Sevens Series 2021. Therefore, World Rugby has released a set of guidelines developed in consultation with medical experts. These guidelines include measures on quarantining, social distancing and proper hygiene. They are designed to protect both players and fans of the game.

World Rugby hopes the event can make a safe and speedy return. The guidelines will be updated regularly based on ongoing feedback to ensure a successful 2021 series.

Fan Engagement

By having to build a new strategic plan for World Rugby Sevens Series 2021, World Rugby are aiming to advance the event with a number of changes. World Rugby have focused their attention on the areas of participation, engagement, competition and the game itself. They have done this by unifying different competitions, including new men’s and women’s tournaments.

They hope to create an event structure that fans will find even more compelling. They hope to increase the global following of these events by 10% in the next few years by building more engagement between fans and events, optimising digital platforms, and so on.

Community Enjoyment

World Rugby hopes that the Rugby Seven event grows into an international global sport that appeals to and is inclusive of a diverse community of fans. In addition to the combined UK team the GB Sevens, international teams from New Zealand, Japan, Fiji and the United States are expected to join. The series began with back to back women’s events in Paris on 15th-16th and 22nd-23rd of May.

The series has taken a break for the Tokyo Olympic Games and will recommence with a men’s event in Singapore on 29th-30th October. Following this there will be joint men’s and women’s rounds in Hong Kong on 5th-7th November and Dubai on 3rd-4th December. The final climax, baring potential further events in London and Vancouver, will occur in Cape Town on 10th-12th December. World Rugby hopes that this inclusive global event continues to grow a substantial international community in the coming years.

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