Returning to Play

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Returning to Play

Faced with the many restrictions on social events, the last year has seen more people than ever embracing physical activities. From simply walking or cycling, to more competitive sports, all kinds of people are spending more time on pitches, courts and fields. However, the winter saw many people staying in, due to government restrictions and colder weather.

But as Spring moves into Summer, the weather is improving, and restrictions are beginning to lift. We’re all grateful to get back to our favourite indoor and outdoor sports. But making a success of the return to play will need everyone to do their part to keep things safe.

Outdoor Sports

New Rules for Outdoor Sports

As of the 12th April, people all over Britain are able to return to outdoor sporting facilities and take part in group exercise. From the courts and cricket fields, to the pitches and pools, fans of all kinds of sports can strap on their shoes and get active. Whilst the rule of six still covers informal exercise, organised outdoor activities, games and events are exempt from legal limits on participants.

But what makes an activity organised? It needs to be planned by a qualified instructor who represents a club, company, governing body or charity. An activity can range from exercise classes and group cycles, to team sports, races and other popular sports. Without a qualified instructor organising the event, the activity will be classed as informal, and subject to the rule of six.

At the moment, indoor sports facilities are restricted to individual or single household use only. This includes gyms and leisure centres, indoor pools, pitches and multi-sport facilities. You won’t need a mask during play, but wearing one on arrival will keep staff safe, as will minimising your use of changing rooms. As we move further into 2021, we can expect the return of organised indoor sports. And the return of spectators to our sporting events will come later in the Summer.

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Though it’s a relief to be back, the safety of all sports participants continues to come first. It’s good to encourage hand washing and showering before and after organised physical activity. As well as this, access to warm water and anti-bacterial soap will encourage all to be safe. In many competitive outdoor and indoor activities, it’s hard to avoid direct contact. However, an effort to keep surfaces and equipment clean can help reduce the risk of the virus spreading.

Though there’s plenty to think about when it comes to safety, that isn’t going to stop people enjoying the benefits of sport. With appropriate safety precautions, indoor and outdoor sports venues can expect more restrictions to ease on the 17th May.

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