Design your team’s custom rugby kit

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Design your team’s custom rugby kit

Designing a custom rugby kit will help your team look the part every time they take to the pitch. STC Teamwear kits are completely customisable, so you can design a shirt that’s unique to your team. And don’t worry if your design skills are a little rusty, as our online kit designer makes it easy to create your custom rugby kit in just a few clicks.

Simply follow each step to customise your design, then share it with your team and get a quote for your kit. We can’t promise that your new custom rugby kit will help you score more tries, but we can guarantee that your team will look great in every game.

How to design your rugby shirt

Maybe you’re a well-established club with a classic jersey design you always play in. Or maybe your team wants a custom rugby kit that gives them a fresh look for the new rugby season. Whether you want to replicate an existing kit with a few tweaks or create something entirely new, you can design your shirt in just a few simple steps using our rugby shirt design software.

Start creating your custom rugby kit by choosing from the wide range of available designs, which include classic patterns like hoops and harlequin. To view each one, simply click on the design to display it on the sample shirt. Next, pick a collar type. There are ten styles available. The Brit collar is always a popular choice, or you could go for our latest delta collar.

Colour comes next, with 27 widely-used Pantone shades to choose from. Here you can get creative and try out a few different colour combinations to find one that works. You can also select our STC branding colour.

Now you can add a match number and player name to your custom rugby kit design, before picking the position of your team crest and sponsor logos. Once that’s done, you’ll have your sample custom rugby kit complete and ready to share with the team.

Share your custom rugby kit

You can share your custom rugby kit design directly with your teammates from within our kit designer by entering their email addresses and a message. You can also share it straight to social media to get the thoughts of your fans and followers. Why not try creating a few different designs and asking your team to take a vote? Or you could design both a home and away kit so you’re set for the whole season.

Once you’re happy with your design, click through to get a quote for your custom rugby kit. All STC custom designs are designed and created in Great Britain from high quality, technical fabric that puts performance first. So as well as looking smart on the pitch, you’ll be cool, comfortable and can focus on playing your best rugby.

If there’s a specific design you need for your rugby team that you can’t find in our kit designer, get in touch and one of our designers will be happy to help. Stand out in every scrum and look good at every lineout with your new custom rugby kit from STC Teamwear.

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Whether you use our 3D Kit Builder or in-house design team, we tailor your teamwear to truly reflect the quality, energy and identity of your squad.

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