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Custom Athletics Kits

A high quality custom athletics kit is a must for any strong athlete who wants to hit the track and field. Whether you need to shave off a few seconds, or go the extra distance, having the right gear will make all the difference to your performance on the field.

But why should you opt for a custom athletics kit rather than an off the shelf product? And why should you choose STC Teamwear to be your custom athletics kit supplier instead of our competition?

There’s load of reasons to pick STC Teamwear: from our trusted designs, to our latest tech and our endless customisation. Read on to find out more.

Custom Athletics Kit

Kits a Cut Above the Competition

What sets STC Teamwear’s athletic kits apart from the rest is in their DNA. STC kits are designed and created in the UK, and draw on sustainable, high-quality materials. Our breathable sports polyester is light but tough, meaning our shirts won’t hold you back, but won’t give way.

But just as important as materials is how we put them to use. Firstly, the high-tech polyester in our kits makes use of wicking fabrics. This means that these fabrics won’t absorb moisture, ensuring your shirts won’t soak up water or sweat. This design moves moisture away from the body, preventing the garment from getting heavy or clammy and keeping athletes cool.

The reasons to invest in an STC kit aren’t all high tech. At its heart, a custom athletics kit gives your team its own identity. Though your track and field athletes may compete in different events, they’ll be united in their colours. Our custom shirts, suits, vests and shorts give you full control over the colours, patterns, badges, numbers and names you want to display.

And putting this custom kit together isn’t difficult either thanks to STC Teamwear’s very own online kit designer.

But there are more reasons than these to work with STC Teamwear on your bespoke athletics kit: not least our expertise and speedy service.

Trusted Teamwear for Track and Field

Our custom athletics kits are trusted by professional and amateur athletes all over the world. We’ve built kits for every kind of sport, making us versatile designers. Our happy customers include the London School of Economics and Kinabalu International School athletics teams.

These teams, and hundreds of others, trust in our high quality materials, innovative designs and impeccable customer service. With a 21 day turnaround, you can trust in your custom kits arriving in time for your next competition.

Try out our kit designer today and see what you can create for your team. Or feel free to reach out to us online or by phone. Our designers are always happy to work with you to create a unique design that your athletics team will be proud to wear.

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Whether you use our 3D Kit Builder or in-house design team, we tailor your teamwear to truly reflect the quality, energy and identity of your squad.

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