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Design your team’s custom rugby kit

Designing a custom rugby kit will help your team look the part every time they take to the pitch. STC Teamwear kits are completely customisable, so you can design a shirt that’s unique to your team. And don’t worry if your design skills are a little rusty, as our online kit designer makes it easy to create your custom rugby kit in just a few clicks.

Simply follow each step to customise your design, then share it with your team and get a quote for your kit. We can’t promise that your new custom rugby kit will help you score more tries, but we can guarantee that your team will look great in every game.

How to design your rugby shirt

Maybe you’re a well-established club with a classic jersey design you always play in. Or maybe your team wants a custom rugby kit that gives them a fresh look for the new rugby season. Whether you want to replicate an existing kit with a few tweaks or create something entirely new, you can design your shirt in just a few simple steps using our rugby shirt design software.

Start creating your custom rugby kit by choosing from the wide range of available designs, which include classic patterns like hoops and harlequin. To view each one, simply click on the design to display it on the sample shirt. Next, pick a collar type. There are ten styles available. The Brit collar is always a popular choice, or you could go for our latest delta collar.

Colour comes next, with 27 widely-used Pantone shades to choose from. Here you can get creative and try out a few different colour combinations to find one that works. You can also select our STC branding colour.

Now you can add a match number and player name to your custom rugby kit design, before picking the position of your team crest and sponsor logos. Once that’s done, you’ll have your sample custom rugby kit complete and ready to share with the team.

Share your custom rugby kit

You can share your custom rugby kit design directly with your teammates from within our kit designer by entering their email addresses and a message. You can also share it straight to social media to get the thoughts of your fans and followers. Why not try creating a few different designs and asking your team to take a vote? Or you could design both a home and away kit so you’re set for the whole season.

Once you’re happy with your design, click through to get a quote for your custom rugby kit. All STC custom designs are designed and created in Great Britain from high quality, technical fabric that puts performance first. So as well as looking smart on the pitch, you’ll be cool, comfortable and can focus on playing your best rugby.

If there’s a specific design you need for your rugby team that you can’t find in our kit designer, get in touch and one of our designers will be happy to help. Stand out in every scrum and look good at every lineout with your new custom rugby kit from STC Teamwear.

Try Out STC Teamwear’s Kit Designer

Personality is the name of the game when it comes to competitive sports. This is why choosing the most appropriate apparel is critical. Not only will the proper kit enable your team to stand out, but this very same clothing provides the players themselves with a sense of confidence and individuality. The good news is that the team at STC has developed a unique online Kit Designer that allows you to conceptualise and design your very own custom team kit. Let’s take a look at how this innovative application functions as well as some of the choices at your disposal during the selection process.

Countless Sports Under a Single Digital Roof

From full kits intended for basketball to rugby, there are countless choices at your immediate disposal. Here are some other sports which can be selected through our online Kit Designer:

  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Netball
  • Cycling and Triathlon

All About a User-Friendly Edge

You will not be required to possess any prior experience in order to fully leverage the advantages of this kit creator. First, you will be prompted to choose a sport. A selection of shirts will then be presented; each unique design based around the needs of the sport in question. You will then have the ability to select other features such as the type of collar, the colours within the design and the names and numbers of players. You can also add any additional logos that might be desired. Assuming that all of these variables have been addressed, the tool then presents the finished product in the form of a digital image. Therefore, little is left to chance and you will be able to fully appreciate how the design will appear once the order is placed.

Fast, Efficient and Thorough

Whether you have been struggling to come up with an eye-catching team kit design or you instead wish to surprise your team with a new kit, look no further than the intuitive options offered solely by STC.

You will also be pleased to learn that quotations are provided immediately after the digital design process; offering a superior level of transparency while avoiding hidden costs. It is even possible to create your very own patterns and styles by consulting with one of our trained teamwear specialists. Finally, all products are created in the United Kingdom and you can expect industry leading delivery times.

From basketball apparel to full football kits and rugby shirts designed to take a beating while on the pitch, the team at STC is only moments away. Please feel free to contact us directly or to experiment with our free online Kit Designer. You will be amazed at just how far technology has come.


Based, designed and created in the UK, it’s little wonder that many of the UK’s leading sports teams trust only us for their bespoke match kits.



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